Wellness Coaching

Confidential respectful counseling for mid and post professional women who want to live with greater calm, fulfillment and satisfaction.

Work with someone who sees the best in you, helping you become clear on the shifts you want to make and how.

Dear Reader,

Even though you may have reflected on the physical and emotional issues of the past, those issues may not feel sorted yet; and you are not sure how to do this. You don’t know the steps. You think it should have been done years ago. The confusion or wound is no longer fresh. Some parts of your life have big massive scars and it feels difficult to treat, so you just leave it.

You may be at a point where you have decided to step away from the accomplishments in the early parts of your life, acknowledge them, and now develop latent interests, new skills, tend other sections of your self expression.

You may have a life fulfillment or legacy project you want to honor. Perhaps past attempts have failed. You are looking for a way to express and accomplish what is pressing for expression.

  • Do you blame yourself for not being where you want to be or doing what you want to do?
  • Have you explored body work or talk therapy in the past, yet still feel they have not worked to free your real self or your greater potential?
  • Did you step out of an active life due to CFS / ME or some version of ‘burn out’, and now want to build your strength, accept the new constraints, and choose a new purpose?
  • Do you feel there are issues you have skirted around and simply made minor adjustments to lessen the pain and now you feel ready to sort these out?

✅ Would you like to come to peace with both successes and regrets? 

✅ Would you like to have achieved greater peace of mind and happiness now while you can?

✅ Are you at a point where you have the time, or energy, or motivation to resolve the past and then get on with more vibrant living?

✅ Do you know that you have the potential and drive to take on something new and different and find yourself at a point where you are ready to fulfill this calling?

✅ Are you ready now to decide what choices you want to make and what direction you want to go?

✅ Are you are clear on your new direction, yet need mentoring to initiate action?


You will learn to acknowledge and honor your experience, empowering you to trust the new energy and desires that are emerging.

☑️ This is something you can learn. Commit your time and attentions and you will succeed.

☑️ You will learn to shift away from stress responses and move into your natural motivation; ultimately leading a healthier, satisfying, and more joyful life.

☑️ The emotional, mental and physical techniques you will learn provide the tools to meet life’s daily challenge and opportunity. These techniques are grounded in, and validated by science, psychology, and wisdom practices.

You will become more knowledgable and confident, assessing and implementing necessary changes.

We will look at the accomplishments of your lifetime and the inner wisdom that is always present and most often has been dulled by society. Techniques will have been learned, skills developed, and new understanding then settles. Specific skills are strengthened and a personal compass is clarified.


My sessions with Cornelia over the past year have transformed my life, helping me reach a place of healthy resilience. Together, we have developed strategies and practices for self-care and for the examining of old wounds, and she has taught me the necessity of speaking my own truth. Her kindness, patience, and insightful wisdom have shed light on all parts of my life – from relationships to career development. I have so much gratitude for the time we spend together.

Kimberley D.

Cornelia is a highly experienced and empathetic therapist with a gift for bringing about life-changing transformation in her clients. With years of experience in the corporate work world, she is able to understand and guide women in stressful and demanding professional lives. She combines her training and knowledge in Jungian depth psychology with other therapeutic practices to engage her clients fully through awareness of the mind, body, and spiritual connections.

Personally, she is warm, highly intuitive, and insightful, and I have found conversations with her effective in helping me to make a transition to my life post-work . As I explore ways to find a meaningful role in my community during retirement, Cornelia has helped me to see new possibilities for personal development.

Anna F.

Cornelia’s past career experience as a business professional totally informs her current practice as a transformational coach and life strategist. Conversations with her quickly flow to the most relevant matters stimulating positive shifts in thinking patterns and opportunities for deeper self-reflection, that could not be accomplished on one’s own. Highly recommended for individuals engaged in professional and entrepreneurial endeavors

Chris C.

I knew I wanted to expand into a deeper more meaningful way of communicating. I was frustrated, feeling like I was not giving or sharing all that I wanted to fully express.

I also knew that I wanted to embark on a new business venture that was enjoyable for me and benefited my community.

Before working with Cornelia, I looked at problems in my life that needed to be solved – things other people were doing that I could not control but wanted to! As I’ve worked with Cornelia, she has made it easy for me to see how I could streamline my thoughts, feelings, behaviors and responses, in such a way as to minimize the resistance in my life. I learned that primarily the resistance has been internal, as it always is for all of us.

Samantha P.

It’s so helpful to work with someone who can be a mirror, as we are going through changes and launching new initiatives. I’m grateful for the support, the training, and the intuitive wisdom the Cornelia brought to our coaching sessions. This lets me step forward with greater confidence, knowing the actions I’m taking really are in alignment with my personal priorities and my integrity. I feel I am really contributing in the way I want to contribute! I enjoy life more and feel deep satisfaction. And I have learned the skills to keep me clear about who I am and what I want to do.

Liz C.

Cornelia has the ability to bring clients to insight and understanding with deep listening and wise counsel. Her multiple trainings make her uniquely equipped to facilitate a deep experience for participants. Thank you for the wonderful support in my life.

Lisa L.


In our youth many or our priorities are about establishing a career and family. Once we have accomplished these and other societal expectations, it is inevitable that our inner attention shifts to other callings.

We have something else that needs fulfilling. It may not be crystal clear what that is; yet we know that the yearning is not going away.

Distractions be they social or personal, can keep our attention busy for a time, but always in the background is the bigger issue or the bigger calling.

This work helps you reclaim your energy, sort out and access the deeper purpose, the priority that keeps nagging away. It may be something specific you want to do, it could also be permission to let go of the past and fully embrace the activities available now, in the present.

You begin to see yourself as a whole person, complete, vital, and valuable.



This is highly personalized, individually designed mentoring. You learn, experience, and practice an array of self inquiry, assessment, and exploration techniques.

I draw on appropriate techniques and methods from a wide array of disciplines to aid you in your deepening, clarifying, and releasing.

Ultimately the work we do is led by your own deep wisdom. You will move toward living a life that feels authentic and fulfilling. 


Researchers worldwide continue to contribute to, and validate all the systems this work draws on. This is a growing field that includes: 

  • Transpersonal mentoring
  • Positive psychology
  • Depth psychology
  • Protocols that assist in enhanced Nero Plasticity and support rewiring neural networks
  • Wisdom practices
  • Wellness practices
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Somatic release and somatic practices
  • Stress and anxiety research


You learn to acknowledge and honor your experience, empowering you to trust the new energy and desires that are emerging. 

  • This is something you can learn. Commit your time and attentions and you will succeed

  • You will feel settled with the past, having addressed regrets and successes

  • You will shift away from stress responses and move into your natural motivation; ultimately leading a healthier, satisfying, and more joyful life

  • The emotional, mental and physical techniques you have acquired provide the tools to meet life’s daily challenges and opportunities 

  • You’ll become more knowledgable, and confident assessing and implementing changes

  • You are more comfortable and confident in your relationships

The techniques you will have gained are grounded in, and validated by science, psychology, and wisdom practices.

You feel inspired, interested in life, yourself, and others.


This program is for individuals who have completed their career or are mid-career, and are seeking to live lives of greater calm, fulfillment, meaning and well being. You have achieved success in ways that are praised by your community yet still feel there is more that you want to explore, other areas that call for attention, and another way of living. You feel like there must be an answer but it seems out of reach. This opportunity is for you.

  • You want to live a healthier more balanced life
  • You want to explore and express your own unique gifts
  • You have a genuine desire to adjust patterns that are outgrown and no longer serving you
  • You desire to be empowered in your own choices, relationships, and efforts
  • You understand that ultimately only you as a person can make yourself happy and you are ready to gain the clarity and make any shifts called for
  • You want to learn verified techniques that empower you to access your strength and then act
  • You want to heal and grow

  • You want to feel you are expressing the part of you that is still waiting to be lived in the world.

You are looking for a personal, thoughtful, multi-disciplined mentor to guide and facilitate your journey.

Core Experience:

You will work with me for a short period of three months to realign your direction or you will work for a longer period, usually a year, to explore at a deeper and in a more thoughtful way, your life and calling.


After growing up in Victoria, BC, Canada, career opportunities took me to various North American locations, where I enjoyed a diversified, constantly evolving professional career. My years working internationally in hospitality and hotel management led to the Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario where I completed an MBA. This took me to banking, financial management, asset management, and later consulting as a director with KPMG.

Having achieved expertise and reached my personal goals in the corporate world I was needing other challenges on a different level. Internally I wanted more understanding of my inner being. I was yearning to break out of the chains and be me. It was time to finally live with authenticity. 

Cornelia J Krikke

Creating a new life takes enormous effort; regardless of the rightness of the path chosen. During this time of soul searching, I completed a second Master’s Degree, this time in Transpersonal Studies with a focus on mentoring, coaching, and assisting others in determining a fulfilling life purpose. I certified in multiple healing modalities including two yoga traditions and Eden Energy Medicine. Each of the programs and skill sets I have studied has enabled my own deepening and provided specific skills to teach clients.

The journey of exploration supported me in healing and strengthening my physical body, calming and disciplining my emotions, and connecting me deeply with a feeling of belonging and purpose. I became strong physically and mentally. I became calm and emotionally uplifted as a daily experience. Through my own growth and change I know that with attention we can improve our health, satisfaction, and fulfillment. 

One outcome of this process is a deep commitment to supporting individuals through times of personal transformation. I also support business initiatives that facilitate wellness, healthy lifestyle, health, and healing.

The mentoring and coaching work I now do is with individuals who, like myself, have succeeded in achieving significant goals in their lives and now have the calling and capacity to expand and explore. This means calming any hurdles from the past and going on to create an experience of greater day to day fulfillment in their lives. 

Fulfillment starts with deep listening, learning, and actions toward change. This is a step by step process that does take attention, time, and effort. 

I love supporting clients who are ready to learn, uncover what really interests them in the next chapter of their lives, and are ready to apply techniques that can lead to greater calm, peace, and enjoyment.

Ideally I work with clients over a one year period, unpacking the past, clarifying the present, visioning the future, implementing changes, and acquiring valuable skills. 

If you are ready to commit to a year of change, and would like to discuss if working with me is for you, I invite you to contact me for an exploratory conversation.


If you feel called to improve your wellbeing, the wellbeing of your relationships, and move to living a more fulfilling rewarding life, this mentoring provides specific proven techniques as well as guiding principles to empower you.

We generally meet weekly, or 40 times over twelve months, unpacking the past and accessing current potential. There is a focus on self honoring and honoring of your own experience at a very deep level.

To begin your mentoring program or to gain more information please call me or send an email note and we can chat about your expectations and what I can offer you.

Cornelia J Krikke