Evolutionary Vantage Point Mentoring

Integrate and celebrate your personal contribution to current global evolutionary waves. 

Understand your life as part of something bigger, grander, and more purposeful.

Investigate and appreciate your uniqueness in LIFE’s evolution. Change your vantage point. Move from the lens of individual lessons learned, and contributions made, to a timeless impersonal multi-century view. See how your individual lived experience has, and continues to, add to the shift of LIFE itself. We are ‘part of’ rather than ‘separate from’ evolving wisdom. Claim energy, commitment and a joyous freedom with this new understanding.

There is a clarity and timelessness to a distanced view. From this internal location, we can reflect on this life, the human lineage, and cast forward to future options. Energy and creative choices are freed from our collective traditions. The work we do, regains our respect, sovereignty, humility, and empowerment.

Dear Reader,

Cultural understanding does not happen instantly.

  • Many individuals contribute to shifts in collective consciousness and cultural change. We are at an opportune time globally to choose how our thoughts and actions will contribute to current shifts. Many established structures are shifting or even breaking down. Those of us alive today have tilled the soil facilitating some of the shifts we now see. At fist a collective change can appear invisible, unnoticed, and is often if not always resisted.

  • Eventually, new ideas and standards are born, and take root through the thoughts, and actions of many individuals. Do individual breakthroughs happen? Absolutely – think of Copernicus presenting equations describing the earth rotating around the sun rather than the thought of the time – the sun revolving around the earth. His work was resisted. Galileo continued to prepare the cultural ground that Copernicus seeded – he met with resistance. Yet in order for breakthroughs to be recognized in a community, the cultural ground must be tilled.


Many of the great wisdom speak of witnessing consciousness or timelessness. There are many useful methods helping individuals to shift internally. Some talk of moving beyond the ego, some talk of elevated states. The names of various viewpoints often differ among traditions. Let us honor all these lenses and techniques, knowing the ones that are useful to us, and respecting that others are useful to others. In this area, language can be a trap. The method and techniques I have developed are useful for lay practitioners and for experienced practitioners of various traditions. I look forward to sharing them with you.

    What if?

    Look over our human history. Notice the various waves of cultural change and development. Notice the incredible coherence of energy in each of these waves. Perhaps when we are born our nature is engaged in the waves of the various movements of our time. Think of the agrarian age, the bronze age, the age of great exploration, and the industrial revolution. Now think of today’s waves: technology, neuroplasticity, social change, and consciousness explorations. Think of how your actions, impelling, and curiosity has supported the current waves.

      Or What if?

      What if we and some friends had a meeting before we were born?

        • What if at that meeting we discussed the roles, or the work, we would commit to once we were born?
        • What if we imprinted this commitment, not as a memory, but as an energetic impelling, a drive, a resonance?
        • What if most of us knew this would require effort, feel difficult at times, and perhaps be at odds with collective culture?

        We committed anyway, to be a part of expansion and growth.

        Once here we forgot about that early conversation, we forgot entirely about the time before birth. We notice as we grow and the years go by, that we have strong feelings, strong draws. And even if what we are drawn to is not the fashion of the day, we choose to invest energy. We choose to commit. We choose to explore, investigate, support the new, the next.

        In this story, many of us perhaps knew that we would be experimenting, trying new things, exploring with curiosity, and going against the grain of the communities we entered.

        • Perhaps we thought of ourselves as gardeners, supporting new ideas and new ways of seeing. 
        • Perhaps we were willing to be outspoken and sacrifice our reputation to introduce unwelcome concepts. 
        • Perhaps we felt like pioneers and dedicated our lives to some growing change bigger than us, and bigger than one person.

        Maybe it was hard work. Likely commitment and attention was necessary. Likely most of us are unseen as part of the waves of change.

        Evolutionary Vantage Point Method

        Each of us can step above the viewpoint of our individual life. Look back at our impelling, the commitments, the actions, and then both acknowledge and celebrate our life.

        This is often not about the mind or ego. It is often about what we felt we wanted to do or explore.

        Choose to experience authentic self respect and appreciation 

        • Recognize, and then stand proud, in acknowledging the stunningly important actions you have already contributed to what is good and useful and enhancing in our lives.
        • Broadly see your strengths.
        • Trust deep impellings as they arise.
        • Be a better friend to yourself.
        • Appreciate the gifts of others with an open heart.
        • Honor your experience, empower yourself to trust new energy and desires that are emerging.

        Celebrating our natural motivation ultimately leads to a healthy, satisfying, and more joyful life.

        A bit of personal research, and a vantage point shift, increases energy and self appreciation.

        Thinking in terms of ‘LIFE THROUGH ME’ rather than ‘ME IN LIFE’

        Asking Yourself

        • In what specific ways, has your lived experience supported, and been part of, the development of culture, systems, and understanding? 
        • What are the actions that supported positive change?
        • What have you done that changed the trajectory of stereotypes and assumptions, such as norms about gender, race, or ability?
        • What actions and attitudes are you proud of, not as personal accomplishment, rather due to the impact they have had?

        Change your view

          • Change your ego location out of a narrow, personal 21st century view, to a location that sees back hundreds or even thousands of years and sees forward as well.
          • Move actively and consciously as you feel your participation.
          • See others through a clearer lens, noticing their contributions.

          Step out of the collective lens, shift where you see from, and enjoy the view.

          As the new vantage point stabilizes, your inner compass strengthens. You recognize the difference between a whim and guidance.

          Here are some stories from the lives of others

          Somatic Psychotherapy

          Twenty-five years ago this traditional therapist, working within a conservative system, felt a deep inner knowing. The knowing informed her that the physical body, the soma, is important for psychological work. The insight was independent of external information or stimulus. The insight was at odds with common collective understanding. 

          She added a knowledge of yoga to her training. In the process, she noticed personal breakthroughs with physical movement. She understood the subtle and not so subtle benefits of a body inclusive approach to healing. Next she incorporated specific movements with talk therapy. The results were meaningful and validating.

          Now body/mind work is recognized by many. There is broad collective acceptance, and scientific proof of, the physical impact of trauma and other emotional suffering. Popular experts abound with ever new combined therapies. The work of many, like her, cultivated collective understanding, supporting this wave.

          Me Too

          More than a decade ago, well before the ‘Me too’ movement, this woman completed a PhD thesis detailing systemic norms of abuse in motion pictures. She interviewed actors, writers, and directors. The documentation shows an industry twisted, corrupt, and complicit. 

          In undertaking this thesis, the writer met ongoing resistance from her advisor. Repeated attempts were made to have her alter the direction of her research. Ultimately she succeeded in completing the PhD.

          Here is a hero who chose to stay aligned with a powerful impelling and truth-telling. Her work absolutely supported the ‘breakthroughs’ of the Me Too wave. Her thesis is not widely seen, yet it is something to be very proud of; this is part of a bigger evolutionary wave and the type of  action necessary for the ‘Me Too’ movement to happen.

          Trauma Cycles

          This counsellor chose early in her career to work with convicted male sexual abuse perpetrators. She worked before the current flood of ‘trauma framed research’. The research now shows that abusers come from abuse; sexual, and emotional. At times her work was discouraged, disbelieved, and even disdained. 

          In working with this population she changed the lives of her clients and also opened space for essential new understanding. To intervene in the cycle of suffering she followed her intuition, her impelling, her meaning seeking compass; even though it was unfashionable. Now these understandings are growing in acceptance.

          What does a Pioneer look like

          At seventeen, in grade 11, this woman wanted to study drafting. This was not born of any activist feeling, rather, a genuine desire to learn something new. Drafting called; none of the options open to women – art, typing, or home economics – were of interest.

          She didn’t like going to the principal to argue her case. This was not about fighting a gender barrier, it was natural interest; blocked by stereotyping that had hardened into rules. Permission was given, an exception. No academic credit would be awarded. She was being watched – was this about meeting boys? The principal visited early on to calm his fears. Mr. Sperling, the German drafting teacher, watched as she produced fine work. He was not dismissive. Eventually he was supportive.

          At the time she did not think of herself as a trail blazer, but that is exactly what she was, in that school, at that moment, it was the beginning of change.

          What are your examples?

          Dig deep.


          As we mature we have the opportunity to be consciously impactful. 

          In youth we often react, in useful ways, yes, though largely unconscious.

          To shift, understanding our lives from a timeless evolutionary vantage point, releases energy and confidence.


          • Utilizing a timeless evolutionary vantage point instills a quiet impersonal confidence, a confidence that is fulfilling as we navigate both challenging and supportive environments.

          • When we truly shift to an evolutionary vantage point, our home, that is our identity, has moved. We live some place bigger, freer, with greater possibilities.

          • The shift supports a ‘right positioning’ of the ego. Our individual capabilities and accomplishments remain important, yet they are understood from an elevated viewpoint.

          • The perspective is different, larger, in both breadth and time. Greater callings are understood in a new way. Purpose is understood as less personal and more part of a wave.


          You reflect, reframe, and elevate your specific past contributions. 

          You acknowledge the waves you are part of. 

          This frees you from collective ties. 

          Ultimately the work enhances the respect you have for your own deep wisdom. You see yourself and others in a new more meaningful way. Life is more generous, impactful, and fulfilling.


          Researchers worldwide continue to contribute to, and validate all the systems this work draws on including the work of Carl Jung, James Hollis, Steven Forrest and on emerging best practices.

          • Transpersonal psychology
          • Positive psychology
          • Depth psychology
          • Protocols that assist in enhanced neuroplasticity and support rewiring neural networks
          • Wisdom practices


          You learn to acknowledge and honor your experience, empowering you to trust the new energy and desires that are emerging. 

          • Live in a new emotional location.
          • Be free of a cynical mind.
          • See your life in a larger context.
          • Grow out of stress into appreciation.
          • Be knowledgable, and confident, assessing and implementing changes.

          You feel inspired, interested in life, yourself, and others.

          WHO IS THIS FOR?

          This process is ideally suited for individuals mid-life onward. You have achieved success yet likely underestimate the many ways your actions, conversations, and commitments have supported a positive shift for organizations, communities, and collective understanding. 

          This opportunity is for you

            • You want to understand your contribution in a larger, collective, rather than personal way.
            • You feel others have achieved recognition for movements you were part of and laid pathways for.
            • You want to value your own unique gifts and contributions in an encompassing way.
            • You want to become less personally attached to your gifts.
            • You want to wholeheartedly appreciate others while at the same time recognizing your individual contributions.
            • You are feeling less and less attached to the need for recognition and competition and want to feel comfortable dwelling in a broader psychological home.
            • You recognize the felt location of a greater lens, and want to practice solidifying a new viewpoint.
            • You understand that ultimately you are the only person who can shift.
            • You are ready to reflect and reframe.

            You want to continue to contribute effectively and efficiently to an evolving collective consciousness and with genuine joy as a daily path.

            Core Experience:

            We meet for ninety minute sessions during which time you revisit, review, and reframe your accomplishments within the context of global movements. You will also reframe the lives of one or more significant personal relationships.

            You get clear on your growth and contributions, stand proud as an individual architect in your journey. Then, step above the viewpoint of our individual life. Look back at your impelling, the commitments, the actions, and then both acknowledge and celebrate your life. 

            You confidently share your insights and honor your own experience at a very deep level.

            To mentor with me individually: Cornelia J Krikke (250) 538-0196 or info@transformative-practices.com

            Before I started to work with Cornelia I felt conflicted about the three most important relationships in my life. I had slipped into a negativity bias. I lost my ability to communicate with those I care most about and with myself.

            I was conflicted about what I want to do next, what area I want to develop in my life, and professionally and in what I want in relationships.

            I was not sure who to go to, I knew I wanted to speak with a woman, and someone with a similar professional background.

            As a result of our work, in my mind and thought process, I am less anxious, more able to focus, able to see rivulets of thoughts.

            As for my body, I released the pent up energy and my belly relaxed deeply – before I was not even aware how much tension was sitting there.

            I moved from a negativity bias toward a positivity bias. I gained greater acceptance of myself and an understanding that I can’t control anybody else.

            I am understanding some of my past and why I made the choices I made.

            I can express better, listen, and am able go deeper inwardly.

            I have had good, perhaps you could even say great success in business, and I am ready for a change. There is still some impatience about my future. I am learning to accept uncertainty as I explore options for my next steps; what I am drawn to pursue next.

            Importantly I no longer feel betrayed by the system I worked in, rather I see the contribution I made as part of a movement forcing greater accountability and responsibility in the corporate world. I see how my actions and ‘truth telling’ contribute to the current movements calling for better business practices.

            Now, as I choose new initiatives to engage, I am choosing ones that bring me joy and also contribute. This is rewarding work, life changing really.

            Thomas R.

            MENTOR BIO

            The Evolutionary Vantage Point work I developed is born out of enormous respect for the effort and accomplishment of many individuals. Most are blind to their own contributions in life. They may feel betrayed by companies or organizations they worked for, they may feel disillusioned with cultural set-backs. I hear them dismissing or diminishing decades of work. They over judge themselves. They see a lack of world recognition rather than seeing how the work they have done has cultivated the soil for what will appear as a breakthroughs. 

            At times I hear dismay, as people consider lack of public acclaim for their work. They look at others who have come after them, standing on the soil they have tilled, and being heralded as the next new, great inventor. Fact is, seeming breakthroughs are NOT independent of a cultural wave. There is no breakthrough if the collective culture is not ready. A culture becomes ready through the effort, resistance, and the NEW SEEING of many.

            I work with clients giving perspective altering feedback

            Cornelia J Krikke

            After growing up in Victoria, BC, Canada, career opportunities took me to various North American locations, where I enjoyed a diversified, constantly evolving professional business career. My years working internationally in hospitality management led to the Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario where I completed an MBA. This took me to banking, financial management, asset management, and later consulting as a director with KPMG.

            Having achieved expertise and reached my personal goals in the corporate world, I chose other challenges on a different level. I wanted more understanding of my inner being. It was time to finally live with greater authenticity. 

            Creating a new life takes enormous effort; regardless of the rightness of the path chosen. During this time of soul searching, I completed a second Master’s Degree, this time in Transpersonal Studies at Atlantic University in Virginia, with a focus on mentoring, coaching, and assisting others. As a life long learner, I am certified in multiple other modalities including Eden Energy Work and Yoga. Each of the programs and skill sets I have studied has enabled my own deepening and provided specific skills to teach my clients. The experience of expanding myself resulted in writing the book Inspired Perspectives – available on Amazon. In the book I explore lives through various lenses. Currently I am completing a second book, describing the Evolutionary Vantage Point through a collection of stories.

            My personal journey of exploration helped me to understand, and describe, how we are each part of an evolutionary wave, a wave that has carried us. I see how we are all willing to give attention to callings that are meaningful for us and how this response is both personally satisfying and moves collective awareness forward.

            I have a am thrilled to support individuals through times of personal expansion.

            My clients are often like me. They have succeeded in achieving significant goals in their lives and now have the calling and capacity to expand and explore. 

            I love watching individuals embrace their lives within a grander view.


            To begin shifting to your evolutionary vantage point or to gain more information please call me or send an email. I am happy to guide you through an inquiry and exploration process designed to shift your inner location.

            Cornelia J Krikke (250) 538-0196 or info@evolutionaryvantagepoint.com

            Cornelia J Krikke