Releasing The Past,
Claiming The Now, The Next

6-Session Program beginning Online November 2023


Move From What Was, Reclaim Energy and Vision

This program is offered
On line for 6-Weeks, beginning On Line November 2023

Consciously update your self understanding and direction

Six weeks on line retreat, next program beginning November 2023.

$600 for 6-Session Program

(Regular Price: $750)

Overcome the narrow lens of self assessment and other common obstacles to live with a sense of deep authenticity and fulfilling contribution

In this dynamic retreat you will play with movement and inquiry as your connect with your deepest worth.

Designed for adults wanting to feel inspired and confident in life.

Feel free to harvest the fruits of your lineage, your experience, and your nature. Celebrate and acknowledge what and who you are, and what you have accomplished. Reach forward into what wants to emerge through you.

Each day you learn simple movements to attune to deep emotional power. You learn breath techniques to calm, shift, and inspire. You harvest understanding through reflection. The theme of each day is clear and profound as you move from appreciating your history through celebrating your being toward choosing what is new and next


Are you an accomplished individual wrestling with the next soulful step?

Are you deciding on next best action – for your own satisfaction – not for others?


Did you know that professionals face unique challenges as they review their path and make new, meaningful choices for the next section of their lives?

This is fresh terrain, the opportunities abound.


Are you ready to celebrate your life without apologizing for the choices you have made?

Are you ready to live more freely than ever seemed possible?

This Is Not Therapy this is Noticing When And How Your Brave Empowered Actions Have Contributed To Tipping Points!


Passing the baton. How often we do this in life, as part of our journey. We carry life, make choices, and from time to time pass something on, then claim another baton. We harvest youth and move to career. We receive responsibility, wisdom, packages of intention from those ahead of us. Then in time we complete our section of the run, and pass the baton. Our map of the now and our map of the future change.

Where we stand impacts what we see. What is this time of life? Is there something to sort, or celebrate? The terrain we travel changes our view. Having celebrated, released, wished the next carrier well, what will you choose to pick up? This leg is our own to choose, to craft, to construct. For now we are crafting something new in life. Design, devise, shape what you want to pass on.

Choosing Something New, Choosing What Is Next, Vital, Calling

“This work is heart and mind expanding, taking us into new territory” – LD’22

This is not about looking at what is wrong and trying to fix it!

This is about developing deep authentic self-respect, honoring your experience, and empowering yourself to trust the hopes and dreams that are emerging.

The lens is longer, wider, accurate, and stunningly generous.

Only once we have passed over, and through, our many accomplishments, can we review the terrain traveled; and then celebrate.

Once our harvest is complete, we choose again.

“ I came away feeling empowered, connected, and grateful, not only for my journey, but for all humans. I was eager to participate in Cornelia’s group, to enlarge my perspective of my life’s experiences.

Cornelia flawlessly transitioned from presenting interesting information and guidance to personalized coaching and feedback.

Cornelia’s light humor and ease with everyone made it comfortable, and sure enough, the magic happened— we became a supportive community, deeply bonded through our stories, and we experienced the opening of perspective that Cornelia’s guidance offered.”

TD ’22

Is it time for you to expand your expression, celebrate yourself, move toward greater fulfillment?



  • Be fulfilled and satisfied now and in the future, even if the past feels complex, including failures.
  •  Look at what your life choices reveal about your calling, purpose, and the path to happiness.

  •  How to trust yourself and your inner impelling, escaping shallow prescribed solutions.


  • Leave behind past regrets and thoughts of past failure by reevaluating life from an updated perspective / vantage point.
  • Take hold of the reigns, and express what is new; something unique, something only you can offer.

  •  Navigate without fear during times of great change.

How & Why


  • Position ourselves within a larger context
  • Review and reframe past actions and contributions without arduous work, and with genuine appreciation
  • Assess and acknowledge intrinsic talents and gifts – impersonally
  • Understand and resolve, why it has been as it was, and what can be in the future
  • Confirm a personal structure, commitment, and direction


Many are blind to their own contributions in life. I hear them dismissing or diminishing decades of work. The world encourages indifference. They over judge themselves. They see a lack of world recognition rather than seeing how the work they have done has tilled the soil for what appears as a breakthrough. The Evolutionary Vantage Point work I developed is born out of enormous respect for the effort and accomplishment of so many individuals

Five weeks on line retreat,

next program beginning On Line November 2023

Weekly ZOOM Meetings

$600 for 6-Session Program

(Regular Price: $750)


Cornelia is open, responsive, positive, and inclusive. She is plugged into unity & encourages others to step up!

LL '22

I realized tonight how much I really appreciate the embodiment exercises being incorporated in each session.  There is so much wisdom in you and in EEM and other modalities you know. You draw from a vast foundation of psychology, business, and wisdom traditions.

NC April 2022

Cornelia listens with her heart and focuses on you.

DN '22

It is a simple truth that I would never have signed up if Cornelia had not warmly welcomed me, and assured me with complete sincerity that I could do this.  When I confided to Cornelia that I had signed up for other professional online courses, and never completed any of them, she listened between the lines and took it to heart that accountability to her was what would keep me going.  And it did.  It was her very special aptitude for understanding things from my perspective – an adult with full-on life demands. She showed patience, coaching, encouragement, support, and flexibility. I am so grateful that when I was ready, the right guide appeared on my path!  Truly, I appreciate Cornelia’s support.

SS '22

Thank you so much for the course Cornelia. It has been a very useful experience, and I have really enjoyed and treasured the opportunities to chat with you and others

LM '22

Our Week Together

Each session includes: somatic exploration, nervous system regulation through breath work, right & left brain inquiry, breakout conversations, specific re-patterning – updating. Embodied inquiry releases embedded patterns.

Session 1 & 2 reinterprets our family stories, through the wisdom of present understanding. Session 3 we attend to our own accomplishments including, noticing how we have contributed to ‘Tipping Point’ shifts culturally. Session 4 and 5 we consolidate our new understanding, get clear on our gifts and on current authentic callings, then explore our next steps.

1 Internal Update

A New View Part 1

Male Lineage

Seeing the Masculine – with updated understanding & appreciation

Between session invitation

2 Internal Update

A New View Part 2

Female Lineage

Seeing the Maternal or female – with updated understanding & appreciation

Between session invitation

3 Gift Opening

Seeing Ourselves

Updated Understanding

Understanding our life so far, reframing failure, recognizing our talents, strengths, gifts.

Between session invitation

4 Get Clear

What Has Always Been True?

Solving The Equation

Releasing residual contraction in the form of depression, frustration, or other suffering. This often arises when we do not express our inborn gifts

Between session invitation

5 & 6 Now Steps Clarified

What Is At Stake

Your Choices

Getting Clearer About What Has Always Been True.

Understanding your life from an Evolutionary Vantage Point.

At The Edge Of New History 


Self Care Templates

Reflection Videos

$600 for 6-Session Program

(Regular Price: $750)