As an author, consultant and coach, my focus is on supporting change and encouraging new growth; finding the new best path. The process I teach leads to, and sustains, a new life.

My MBA and senior management and consulting experience, grounded me in change management, new enterprise development, and finance. Importantly this taught me profound skills to navigate and participate in the corporate world at a time when evolutionary changes took place. The glass ceiling was breaking and I am proud to have been part of that process. And yes, it took its price, a physical price that caused me to leave that world and follow a new path. The world of embodied understanding and mindfulness was just emerging 20 years ago as I switched roads. It is great to have been a part of this evolution.

My MA in Transpersonal Psychology grounds me in the time-tested practical techniques which facilitate multiple forms transformation and growth. I see various traditions and methods in a large context, this lets me understand connection and possibilities that are new / emerging. Meaning and meaning making is intrinsic to humans. I appreciate having learned a ‘meta’ view of our human journey. The view settled my own internal angst and gave we understanding to share.

Two decades of mastering and teaching a variety of embodied techniques, yoga, EEM, sound healing, and other disciplines such as dream work, gives me a foundation for integrative practices. I keep seeing new ways modalities overlap, compliment and enhance each other. It’s great to have a broad foundation. Embodied practices, coupled with the intellectual inquiry sorted out my physical exhaustion and inner turmoil. Combining the wisdom of physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual can bring greater freedom. I love having these tools. What I also see is how we can easily take this further into an easy expansion of living more easily and joyfully. As I see it, we are just starting to do this.


The tools that I share are ones I have used on my own journey and continue to use daily. 

These techniques are ‘best-practices’ from a variety of research and traditions.

I teach and practice the essence of approaches and habits that do change our lives.


Born on Canada’s West Coast, I grew up in an abundant lush natural world.

From youth I sought multi-disciplinary perspectives on problem solving, happiness and  meaning.

For 25 years I worked as a manager, director and academic in Central Canada’s corporate world. I loved the work, and I loved the breakthroughs I contributed to. Twenty years ago I crashed with a form of ‘burn out’ this led me to broaden my focus to incorporated meaning finding, health and purpose engagement as part of my offering. 


The greatest energy I experience is at my learning edge and the learning edge of clients and client projects.

 I love the edge! We can play with our boundaries rather then feel confined by them.

That said, I continue to attend to new and old ‘best practices’ as a foundation.  


MA in Transpersonal Psychology, MBA, Certification in Eden Energy Medicine – EEM-CP, certification in Yoga, Mentoring & Dream Studies,  adjunct professor (U. of Guelph), Academic Chair (George Brown U)