Meeting Each Other Kindred Spirit Flock to Eden Energy Medicine Training!

Join us in Salt Spring Island.

Learn the Fundamentals of Eden Energy Medicine so you can bring healing to yourself and to your loved ones.

This years training – Salt Spring Island April 2023 to January 2024


Eden Method Fundaments training with Cornelia takes place over a 10 month period.  We meet four times for an extended four day weekends learning techniques and practicing skills.  Training continues with supervision and practicums between in person classes.

  • The Eden Method teaches you to be empowered in healing yourself and helping others. This is something anyone can learn. Commit your time and attentions and you will succeed.

  • You learn specific techniques for immune balancing and resilience building.

  • Protocols assist in enhanced Nero Plasticity and support rewiring neural networks.

  • The supervised training practice means that you receive treatments at the same time that you are learning. 

  • The pain techniques you learn often reduce or eliminate the need for medication.

  • You learn multiple techniques, based on Donna Eden’s work. Her work is often grounded in, and validated by centuries old healing traditions.

  • Skills are developed for tracking the bodies wisdom to support you and anyone you work on.

  • You’ll become more knowledgable and confident assessing and implementing necessary changes.

  • You also learn to shift away from stress responses and tap into your natural healing centers; ultimately leading a healthier more joyful life.

Completing the Nine Month Fundamentals training also qualifies you to enter the Level 2 Certification Program, leading to becoming an Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner.

EEM Fundamentals Classes are a one-year program of extensive study in the fundamentals of Eden Method.  You learn thoroughly how to use multiple energy systems in a beneficial non-invasive way.

EM ‘Fundamentals’ year of classes will transform your life.  The course is incorporates information found in multiple systems including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and other systems. The curriculum is designed by Donna Eden, world renowned healer.  I teach the techniques she knows are most useful.

This is the groundwork for those who wish to complete the EEM Two-Year Certification Program and become Eden Method-Certified  Practitioners.

Care-givers, parents, grandparents and partners love this program.  You learn techniques for both physical and emotional health.  Learning these methods increases your health and your ability to support the health of loved ones.


Professionals integrate EM into their existing practices including: Healing Touch, Touch for Health, massage therapy, osteopathy, naturopathy, and chiropractic, nursing, psychotherapy, acupuncture, yoga instructors, occupational and physical therapists.

Salt Spring Island, B.C.  Eden Method 1 year Fundamentals course schedule:

Dates for Year 2023-2024

Classes: Thursday 1:00 – 8:00, Friday & Saturday 9:00 – 5:00 & Sunday 8:30 – 2:30

Have a conversation with Cornelia: or call (250) 538-0196


Looking back, I grew exponentially in my understanding, and belief, of what I can do to heal myself and heal others. There is a sense of awe and wonder at what we are able to do. I was able to practice on other people and have them feel changed by what I had done – it was wonderful. I can feel the energy and it is magical. Gratitude is the overwhelming feeling. I feel lighter, I feel more able to change my mood from somber and serious to enjoying life. I feel more competent. I have noticed my ability to head off a cold. I do some procedures to strengthen my lung and I wake up feeling wonderful. I can see the things I am doing for myself are working.

Cornelia is amazing; a caring and knowledgeable guide, showing up with encouragement, correction, and reinforcement, in very helpful ways.


I loved learning to touch in a healing way. I Enjoyed the experience of entering a state of flow, of healing, being more present, and feeling the amazing shifts in the human body. I am amazed at how complex, intricate, and woven together the energy systems are. I am in awe of how much is going on all the time, it’s magical – keeping us healthy and warning us about our health. I learned many specific skills over the year, yet one of the greatest gifts is I am lighter, easier, genuinely happier. I have also opened up my heart to giving and receiving love more easily. I truly appreciate

Cornelia’s skillful instruction, humor, and generosity of caring.

April C.

Learning, seeing, and doing is really important.  The ‘hands-on’ is essential. The small group is awesome you get to really know the ladies. There is trust that grows. There are times of being overwhelmed and times of doubt, ‘Can I do this?’ but it is great seeing the change in each of us, in our overall strength and capability. We also came out of the program happier, with ourselves and we watched the changes in our family too. I have all this knowledge after one year of learning. I have confidence and I have so much in my tool box. I feel confident. I know that if I practice I can be pretty good at this and I met amazing people.

Cornelia’s knowledge, patience and kindness has made this an incredible journey.

Jeanette F.

I have more confidence in being able to have power over my body and keep it healthy. I have faith and certainty in being able to make change for myself and to help other people. My energy is way more consistent now and when it is out of balance, I can step back and I have tools to understand, and work with, and fix what is arising. Energies are also shifting with some of the family members I have worked on, becoming more balanced over time. Now I see that I can help more people. There are people who need this. I don’t have miracle cures but I can help balance the energy in their bodies and then natural healing can take place.

Cornelia is amazing. She is gifted in communications and in communication styles that work for different learners. Mostly, I love how she inspires confidence.

Penny A.

So much transformation. I am finding my path, my mission, to help and heal others on so many levels. It feels like the answer to what I have been looking for since I was very young. I love that we learn the tools to take care of ourselves and to take care of others.  What I like most is the butterfly effect, the ricochet.  I like to think that by doing this EEM work I am part of the process of transforming the world.

Cornelia’s teaching and mentoring created an open hearted space for a group of loving, caring women to come together and learn.

Isabelle M.



Researchers world wide are contributing to validate all the systems this program teaches.

James Oschman, Candace B. Pert, and Bruce Lipton are a few of the scientist and medical specialist who have recommended including energy medicine as part of any health plan. Growing scientific data is verifying the positive results energy medicine has on a wide array of symptoms. 


This program is for anyone who has a genuine interest in learning ways to improve their health. No medical or therapeutic training are required; though other modalities are welcome.  What is required is a sincere interest and desire to be empowered in your own health and the ability to assist those you love.

You want to make a difference in peoples lives.

You want to learn healing techniques for yourself and other people.

You are looking for a well thought out, comprehensive program that delivers verifiable techniques and provides the foundation for continued integration and learning.


Program Developer – Donna Eden

Donna has over 40 years of healing and training expertise. She developed this program to train, empower, and help others. 

After healing herself from Multiple Sclerosis in her late twenties, she has dedicated herself to empowering people with the tools and techniques to heal themselves.

And what makes her system unique is that she designed it so that anyone can learn it.

Donna can see energy. But she knows that most people can’t. And that’s why she teaches ways to track and move energy through the body through methods anyone can learn.


Cornelia J. Krikke

Cornelia has 40 years experience in the wellness world. For the past 20 years she has been actively assisting clients regaining and enhancing wellness. 

After senior positions in the corporate world, Cornelia dove deep into training in multiple wellness modalities. She is certified as a teacher in two yoga and meditation streams, has trained in sound healing modalities, has a Masters in Transpersonal Studies with a focus on teaching others to discover and fulfill their life purpose.  

In 2010 she became aware of Donna Edens energy training, and joined Donna and David for a cruise based Caribbean training program. Over the next two years she went on to complete her Certified Practitioner program in 2013. Her EEM education continued, becoming certified to teach, and she began teaching the Fundamentals program in 2014. Cornelia has also served as a teaching assistant on for Donna and David in multiple workshops and advanced trainings.

Cornelia loves teaching and empowering students. She is committed to assisting others on their own transformational journey. Teaching Eden Energy Medicine is a joyful act of service for Cornelia.


Our own wellness and the wellness of those we love is the most important part of our lives. Studies continue to show the impact of energy practices for increasing physical and emotional health, and helping us to perform at our very best in all areas of our life.

Managing and improving our health and the health of those around us is one of the strongest determinants of a fulfilling rewarding life. If you feel called to improve the wellbeing of yourself and loved ones, this program provides specific proven techniques as well as guiding principles to empower you. 

Life spans are increasing in the western world. Unfortunately not everyone is living a vibrantly healthy life. Eden Energy Medicine techniques support both enhanced life span and enhanced health span. This helps us live longer, stronger and happier lives.

As government health systems become more fragmented, and as alternative practitioners expand in scope, it become ever more important to understand, measure and assess our own heath. And to be able to apply proven techniques to facilitate healing and to moving both body and mind toward resilience and happiness.

This training helps you to:

  • Regain the vibrancy and heath.
  • Feel capable to improve not just manage health challenges.
  • Understand the ebb and flow of energy and energy pathways in the body, and then intervene to support and improve wellbeing for yourself, family and friends.

The training also entitles you to take year two of EEM training, ultimately achieving certification as an EEM practitioner.




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